In his live podcast, Greg Proops has to deal with people in the audience who don’t agree - out loud - and often drunk people who feel it’s a conversation. He has a standard burn that’s related to Rihanna’s: “Listen, I kindly ask you to buy some real estate that’s NOT located on my dick, OK?” » 4/18/15 8:58am Yesterday 8:58am

We bought a couple of these in the past - they work fine but the USB plugs were a little underpowered to charge iPads. (Good for phones, though.) The ones in this sale may be newer models with a little more oomph. » 4/06/15 4:39pm 4/06/15 4:39pm

Yes!!! We're just finishing a vacation and a lovely couple of newlyweds asked me to take their photo in front of a fountain near where we were staying. They were obviously so pixelated being in love and in Rome, I swear my black black heart beat at least twice. » 3/30/15 4:28am 3/30/15 4:28am

I worked for a few years in a place that made us record our "away from my desk" message every DAY. (It had to include the date. Meh.) I got in the habit of using just this articles trick. I'd write it out on the whiteboard - and played with it a bit. Like » 3/15/15 1:21pm 3/15/15 1:21pm

On a related topic, you can use mini muffin tins to make meatloaf muffins (coat them with bbq sauce as "frosting" in the last few minutes. Or, make your fave Mac and cheese, stir in an egg, some extra cheese and make Mac'n'cheese mini muffins (top with a sprinkle of breadcrumbs.). Great party/potluck food -… » 3/15/15 1:10pm 3/15/15 1:10pm

I'm a little disappointed they chose another warm southern US setting. What about cold wintery Chicago? In my end of Canada we had 400cm of snow and -30C temps and it'd raise questions - do they feed if they freeze? If so a walker emerging from a snowbank while you try to run away in boots and an overcoat would… » 3/15/15 12:55pm 3/15/15 12:55pm